• Social anxiety screening test: In the last month, have you felt anxious when seeing friends?
  • Me: I haven't seen any friends in three months.
  • Social anxiety screening test: I guess that's a no then. Congratulations, you're in perfect health.
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so i was editing a gif when i paused on this frame


and i just




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shoutout to jordan parrish for never meeting allison but talking about her more than anyone else lmao

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Random person:
Top Gear is a show about cars, right?


Random person:
So why they are in the jungle and one of them is screaming “I’m the god of hellfire” with a chainsaw in his hands?

…because…well,it’s complicated.

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still havent seen any greenday jokes….its september….wtf is going on

i guess everyone’s on holiday

I guess no one just waked them up.

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still havent seen any greenday jokes….its september….wtf is going on

i guess everyone’s on holiday

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you know, i’m a raging lesbian and i was never distracted by what other girls in my classes were wearing in high school. this is a male problem, not an “attracted to women” problem.

This is an “inability to respect women” problem.

Which is a male problem.

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So we saw Dylan and cole sprouse in the airport and we were to scared to say hi and I tried to take a video af them but he took a video of us. Reblog so Dylan sees

you’re probably gonna be on cole’s instagram congrats


omfg the noise you made

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my uncle used to be one of those people who drove dead people to cemeteries and such 

then he became a taxi driver and the person he was driving tapped his shoulder to ask a question and my uncle screamed really loud


I’m sure that’s what he thought.

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Jensen Ackles | Nerd HQ 2014 [x]
Jensen Ackles | Nerd HQ 2014 [x]

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"I saw this elderly gentleman dining by himself, with an old picture of a lady in front of him. I though maybe I could brighten his day by talking to him. 

As I had assumed, she was his wife. But I didn’t expect such an interesting story. They met when they were both 17. They dated briefly, then lost contact when he went to war and her family moved. But he said he thought about her the entire war. After his return, he decided to look for her. He searched for her for 10 years and never dated anyone. People told him he was crazy, to which he replied “I am. Crazy in love”. On a trip to California, he went to a barber shop. He told the barber how he had been searching for a girl for ten years. The barber went to his phone and called his daughter in. It was her! She had also been searching for him and never dated either. 

He proposed immediately and they were married for 55 years before her death 5 years ago. He still celebrates her birthday and their anniversary. He takes her picture with him everywhere and kisses her goodnight. 

Some inspiring things he said;

"I was a very rich man. Not with money, but with love"

"I never had a single argument with my wife, but we had lots of debates"

"People are like candles. At any moment a breeze can blow it out, so enjoy the light while you have it."

"Tell your wife that you love her everyday. And be sure to ask her, have I told you that I love you lately?"

Be sure to talk to the elderly. Especially strangers. You may think that you will brighten their day, but you may be surprised that they can actually brighten yours.”

This is beautiful.

I cried.

this is wonderful and amazing and one of the reasons i volunteer with old people

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do u ever turn the volume on your music up until u reach the perfect level of ah yes i cannot hear anything else and it feels like a big warm hug

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